What Shall I Give Him?

What shall I give Him at this Christmas Time?

(First verse)

We celebrate Christmas but something we mess,

It’s the birth of the Savior and often I wish

We’d give him our presents at each Christmas time, 

For it is Christ’s Birthday and not yours or mine.


What shall I give him, this savior of mine?

What Shall I give him at this Christmas time?  

He’s the babe in the manger and the Christ on the Cross;

I’ll give him the souls that he loved at such cost.

(Second verse)

We can’t give him diamonds or silver or gold, 

He owns all the hills and is wealth is untold,

But there is one thing that he longs to receive;

It’s the soul of a sinner who’ll repent and believe.

(Third Verse)

So go and find someone that never has heard

The Wonderful Story in God’s Holy Word

And when they receive Him, the gift of God’s love,

There will be rejoicing in Heaven Above.

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