Violins Created to Look and Sound like the Masters

Would you like to purchase a solo violin?  Traditionally the best violins in the world are made in Cremona, Italy with violins at very attractive prices compared to the millions spent on collectors violins.  When you order one of these, you will receive a violin of good quality and sound. Listen to the two videos below for samples of this great Italian sound.  We can also get quotes  upon request for any violin made by the masters but copied to perfection and beauty by any of the makers available to us.  Above on the page entitled “Violins” we even show a custom made violin which can be ordered.  I started to play at 8 years of age and would love to have had one of these violins for many years of playing the violin in orchestras, for solos, and in ensembles over the years.  This is why I highly recommend these fine violins at great prices.

Matteo Mazzotti is one of the best modern day makers.
The following three videos are from Matteo Mazzotti:



Three examples of this great Roth Violin


Maestro Renato Scrollavezza Restoring the Art of Cremona

Renato Scrollavezza was born in Castelnuovo Fogliani, in the province of Piacenza, on April 14th 1927. His parents, who were farm labourers, moved to Noceto in 1930. There Renato attended the elementary school and started to help his parents in their work. From his infancy he demonstrated a marked talent for drawing, which was frustrated due to the lack of encouragement from the environment.However even stronger in him was his passion for music, and this expressed itself in the desire to play the violin, an instrument which had struck his sensitivity during a public concert in the village square. At the early age of 15, having had the opportunity of examining a mandolin, Scrollavezza decided to build one. But it was always the violin (or rather the intense recollection of that day in the square and those heart-aching notes) which filled the boy’s dreams. And when finally a friend manages to purchase the longed-for instrument, Renato (then 17) throws himself into the task of making one. Once more alone, with no help other than his great passion.

The number of instruments built during the course of these years is noteworthy: 220 violins, 60 violas, 39 cellos, 3 basses, 2 violas d’amore, a viella, a lute, a gamba, a pochette and a hundred or so classical guitars. The maturity of workmanship attained procures him teaching responsibilities as well. In fact in 1975 he is teacher of violin-making at the A. Boito Conservatory in Parma and from 1979 ’till 1983 he lectures at the Milan School of Violin-Making.

In 1980 he is invited as guest of honour to the 7th International Expo in Japan, representing Italian violin-making. That same year however, there is an important turning point in Scrollavezza’s career: the Maestro decides not to sell his instruments anymore, although pressed with many requests. He intends to dedicate all his energy to pure research for his own personal satisfaction, with the aim of reaching that balance between form and sound which represents the only real secret of stringed instruments. In this sense the construction of a complete orchestra is to be understood – an extremely rare example in the history of violin-making.  This is a sample of his violins.

Renato’s Daughter and husband also follow his tradition in Violin Making, here is a sample – GREAT!

Watch the live demo in a violin shop in Australia


Fine Violins and Bows – Martin Swan Violins

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I have just recently found a great violin shop in my local area, St. Petersburg, Florida.  I went there to have my bow re-haired and was able to try some violins.  The one I tried and I recommend is being played here.

If you would like to visit this fine shop online to check String Instruments, Bows, Accessories, cases and more please visit here:


Violinist Ji-Hae Park plays “Someone Is Praying For You” on a Pietro Guarneri Violin.


I have found several that can make an exact copy of any old master violin.  If you would like to order custom made violins from a Cermona Master, please write us on the contact page to tell us what violin you would like one of our master craftsman to make.

To find the true masters like Guarneri del Gesu and others, click on the picture below:


Click on the Graphic below for Violin Master Class


Right here in Florida is a violin maker that had a visit from Joshua Bell and he was commissioned to make a violin for this great artist because of his attention to detail and great sounding instruments.  Click on the picture to visit his site:

This is a sample of the violins made by Jan von Rooyen: