To Order


Order the item you want to purchase through our PayPal link.  PayPal will send you a receipt and we will pay the manufacturer by PayPal as well.  They will ship the product to your address and you will receive a tracking number to track the shipment to your address from the manufacturer.

All orders are guaranteed and sent by bonded courrier (UPS, FedEx, DHL) and the manufacturer guarantees all products against defect in workmanship with a 100% replacement or refund policy.  We want to be at your service so please do not hesitate to write.  In order to give us more accurate information, please fill out the online “Contact Us” form which will assure that we have your delivery address and contact information.

Shipping from the manufacturer is on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.  They say to allow at least 5 days for delivery to your home and as soon as the order is received you will receive a tracking number from Cremona Creations Sound.


Please see the Warranty below:

Or see it online here