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“I am Bound For The Promised Land” Piano with Violin Duet.

 With full respect given to Samuel Stennett (1787) who wrote this beautiful hymn.

On Jordan’s stormy banks I stand, And cast a wishful eye To Canaan’s fair and happy land, Where my possessions lie.

Chorus: I am bound for the promised land; I am bound for the promised land. Oh, who will come and go with me? I am bound for the promised land. OR I am bound, I am bound, I am bound for the promised land. I am bound, I am bound, I am bound for the promised land.

O the transporting, rapturous scene, That rises to my sight; Sweet fields arrayed in living green, And rivers of delight!

There generous fruits that never fail, On trees immortal grow; There rocks and hills, and brookd and vales, With milk and honey flow.

O’er all those wide extended plains Shines one eternal day; There God the Son forever reigns, And scatters night away.

No chilling winds,nor poisonous breath, Can reach that healthful shore; Sickness and sorrow, pain and death, Are felt and feared no more.

When shall I reach that happy place, And be forever blest? When shall I see my Father’s face, And in his bosom rest?

Filled with delight, my raptured soul Would here no longer stay: Though Jordan’s waves around me roll, I’d fearless launch away.


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