• If You Could Know That Jesus Loves You

    This is a song sung by the great Gospel Tenor Norman Nelson on his long-play album where he sings a duet with himself. I have known it all my life, singing it! I was only 8 years old when I met him through his son who I played with as a boy in California. That

  • I’ll See You Again Up in Heaven

    This song was written after visiting a man in the hospital dying with bone cancer and after praying for assurance with the pastor said, “I may not see you down here but I’ll see you again up in heaven. I’ll See You Again Up In Heaven Verse 1 You may not be with us much

  • What Does Jesus Mean To You?

    This songs is from a poem that I wrote long ago when the “Jesus Movement” was prevalent and many were talking about Jesus, some were impressed with “Jesus Christ Superstar” and other music that were really a mock on my Savior.  I was so hurt by the way Jesus was portrayed that I wrote this

  • What About Him?

    One day Jeanie and I were talking about how people seem to never notice God or His creation.  They live their lives as if there were no God even though God sent his own son, Jesus Christ, to come to earth and live a perfect life and then die for their sins.  The promises of

  • Salvation

    This song was written when I was at a church in Florida and had just heard a very good sermon.  The outline of the sermon composes the three verses of this song and the chorus or refrain is, I believe, one of the best definitions of the Salvation of a Christian that one can find

  • In The Morning

    I have been a fond reader of Watchman Nee for many years. In one of his books, a lesson about rising early before dawn to spend time with God inspired me to write the words and music to this song. My desire is that the hearer may be blessed to know the Lord more. This

  • Hallelujah

    I have been hearing this song sung; the melody was beautiful and the word “Hallelujah” was Godly but the words were very inadequate to the meaning of the word “HALLELUJAH.” The song story of King David was wrongly told to demean the character of his life and to a Holy God. Actually David was a man

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