I’m With My Blessed Savior

I’m With My Blessed Savior

A New song about what someone would say to us from Heaven

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His life was brief among us

We wanted him to stay

But Now that he’s in Heaven

I know that he would say


I trusted Christ to Save Me

Salvation by God’s Grace

The promise ever lingers

With smile upon my face.


I wanted all to realize

That life will pass away

And what is done for Jesus

Is with a soul to stay.


I understand the sorrow

Of those I’ve Left Behind

But I would not trade this splendor

This Joy or Peace of Mind


I’m with my Blessed Savior

The one whom I adore

I’ll be with Him forever

I couldn’t ask for more

I’m with the Saints and Angels

And I walk on streets of gold

I’ll suffer pain no longer

And I’ll never more grow old.

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