Just Keep Trusting

Just keep trusting

What do you do when you feel so bad
No one can know how you hurt inside.
Tears freely flow from a heart so sad.
All that you want is a place to hide.


Loved Ones don’t know how you really feel.
You can’t believe that they caused this pain.
Deep down inside is a grief that’s real.
What can you do but to try again.


Pain fills the heart ’till it makes you cry.
Sorow controls every thought each day.
Struggle you do, yet it’s hard to try
To chase the pain, make it go away.


You just keep trusting the One you cannot see.
You keep believing that he will see you through.
You just keep knowing that only One like He
Will Lift you up, He’ll be your friend so true.

Keep trusting, keep believing,
Keep knowing, keep hoping,
Keep seeking, keep loving,
Keep praying, keep yearning,
Keep Pleading, keep crying,
Keep touching the Heart of God.

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