I am David Williams, Violinist but I am also a composer.  I have been playing and singing all my life.  I am putting this site up in hopes that you can find some new Christian music that is not what I would call CCM music.  Rather it is music with good words and good melody that should be sung in Churches all over America.  To learn the difference between Christian Rock and this type of music please visit my site here:

Symphony of life Seminar

newpicThis site is a site within a site.  The main site is on which I have recorded over 100 songs.  Please visit that site and enjoy the music.

Also, please visit my site entitled “If You Could Know That Jesus Loves You” which has a video about how to be born again and also 36 “New Life lessons”.

I hope that the music here will be a real blessing to all who hear.


David Williams – Composer