• I’m With My Blessed Savior

    I’m With My Blessed Savior A New song about what someone would say to us from Heaven © 2023 All Rights Reserved. His life was brief among us We wanted him to stay But Now that he’s in Heaven I know that he would say Refrain I trusted Christ to Save Me Salvation by God’s

  • What Shall I Give Him?

    What shall I give Him at this Christmas Time? (First verse) We celebrate Christmas but something we mess, It’s the birth of the Savior and often I wish We’d give him our presents at each Christmas time,  For it is Christ’s Birthday and not yours or mine. Refrain What shall I give him, this savior

  • Our God Among Us

    Our about For Years we’ve told the story For Years we’ve told the storn Of Jesus and His birth Of angels and of shepherds And wise men with their worth. Of Mary and of Joseph In Bethlehem that night Announcing to a darkened world A ray of truth and light. Our about His Life Became

  • Christian Version of Hallelujah

    Christian of Hallelujah I have been hearing this song sung; the melody was beautiful and the word “Hallelujah” was Godly but the words were very inadequate to the meaning of the word “HALLELUJAH.” The song story of King David was wrongly told to demean the character of his life and to a Holy God. Actually

  • Don’t Wait Until Tomorrow

    Serve God while it’s today, 01 Youth says I’ve Got Time 02 do things my own way 03 Middle Years are filled 04 reaching for the sky 05 Plans and dreams of life 06 Elder Years are filled with wondering where’d time go 07 Kids are grown and gone never call, you know © 2021

  • It Is The Church

    Contact Us It is the Church Brothers & Sisters Country Church Church is children Family at Church It is preaching we need Your browser does not support the audio element. It is The Church There is a place to go When trials and troubles come A place that lifts you up And Makes you feel

  • Lo! I Am With You Alway

    Lo I Am With You Alway I’m Coming Back Here Again What Jesus Told His Disciples Jesus Words in Song I Came down into the world; I loved you right from the start.I looked into tearful eyesAnd felt every broken heart   Refrain And Lo I am with you alway,I’ll be with you to the

  • Death Couldn’t Keep Him Down

    He Arose From The Grave, Death Couldn’t Keep Him Down He died upon the cross to pay for all my sin. It seemed His cause was lost and Satan seemed to win,  The nails were in His hands, the spear has pierced His side, The Father turned his back and darkness filled the sky. Refrain

  • Just Keep Trusting

    Just keep trusting What do you do when you feel so bad No one can know how you hurt inside. Tears freely flow from a heart so sad. All that you want is a place to hide. Refrain Loved Ones don’t know how you really feel. You can’t believe that they caused this pain. Deep

  • Chief of Sinners

    Chief of Sinners Paul the apostle called himself the CHIEF OF SINNERS in 1 Timothy 1:15  This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners; of whom I am chief. By David Williams   1. I cannot understand it when I think of all

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